2018-2019 Membership Campaign Underway!

Posted on: July 20, 2018

Nature is the Best Playground!
Will your children, grandchildren, and future generations have the same opportunity to explore nature like you did?

Working together, we can conserve the places in nature that we cherish and leave a legacy for all generations to come: the opportunity and ability for children to experience nature and have it always be part of their lives.

Conservation projects like Camp Kresage, the D&L trail, and Little Wilkes-Barre Mountain all of which added thousands of acres for recreation and the opportunity to connect with nature, were made possible through membership donations! PLEASE BECOME A NEW MEMBER OR RENEW YOUR ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP because conserving the precious land of Northeastern Pennsylvania depends on all of us working together.

If you have any questions about land conservation or current NBLT projects give the office a call at 570-310-1781.

Please accept our sincere appreciation for your generous support of land conservation and for helping ensure that children will always be connected with nature!

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