Lackawanna County

375 Acres

In 2006–2007, North Branch Land Trust accepted its first conservation easement in Lackawanna County, and, in 2012, its second.

Throughout the properties are important natural areas such as streams, vernal pools, and northern hardwood forests, as well as unique habitats such as a golden saxifrage seep and a palustrine hemlock wetland.

Collectively, these natural communities provide habitat that supports a great diversity of plants and wildlife. The northern hardwood forest hosts amazing numbers of native wildflowers, not to mention migrating river otters. Rare dragonflies, uncommon native orchids, woodland warblers, fishers, bobcats, wood frogs, fish, and thousands of wildflowers are examples of the unique flora and fauna inhabiting this high conservation value watershed land. In spring, spectacular blooms of spring beauty, trout lily, blue violet, mayflower and hepatica carpet the forest floor. Wild turkey, deer, woodland warblers and red squirrels are not uncommon here.

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