Kuryloski Woods

Pine and Madison Townships • 54 Acres

This unique 54 acre property located in Pine and Madison Townships, Columbia County is currently owned by John and Kathryn Kuryloski. Kuryloski Woods is a parcel of land situated where rural farmlands meet forest. Kuryloski Woods is considered high conservation value in that the Conservation Area contains natural plant communities, spring seeps and an important headwater stream, thus providing a diversity of habitats for many species of plants and animals. The property is entirely forested and is comprised of deciduous hardwood trees such as white oak, red oak, chestnut oak; scattered conifers including white pine and eastern hemlock; understory shrubs, herbaceous wildflowers, and ferns. A headwater stream of Spruce Run occurs along the eastern Property boundary. The stream is bordered by mature trees like towering tulip poplars. Aquatic life thrives along and within the stream including seven species of salamanders such as northern red, dusky, northern two-lined, red eft, and northern spring. The Conservation Area supports a high degree of common flora and fauna species, most notably neo-tropical woodland warblers. The Conservation Area provides the natural ecological requirements for breeding and nesting bird species that are in national decline such as black-throated green warbler, hooded warbler, Louisiana Waterthrush, and whip-poor-will. The property is adjacent to Pennsylvania State Game Lands #226 and helps to protect large, intact areas of wildlife habitat by adding connectivity.

Huntington Mountain South

Fishing Creek Twp. • 220 Acres

The Huntington Mt. South property totals approximately 220 acres of steep forested mountain.. The Property is located along the southeast side of Township Road 567, in Fishing Creek Township, eastern Columbia County. The property occurs along the southern end of Huntington Mountain. The Conservation Area is primarily forested with the majority of trees consisting of mixed deciduous hardwoods.

A variety of springtime wildflowers can be found on Huntington Mt. South that includes early blue violet, wild geranium, red trillium, kidney-leaved buttercup, and downy yellow violet. Mammals like whitetail deer, opossum, woodchuck, white-footed mouse, bobcat, a and hairy-tail mole have been observed.