Susquehanna County

The work of the North Branch Land Trust (NBLT) focuses on the watersheds and other lands that frame the North Branch of the Susquehanna River, hence our name. Since 1995, there have been 53 properties which landowners have donated development rights or where the Land Trust maintains ownership.


Harmony Township • 95 Acres

A scenic 95 acre property located in northeastern Susquehanna County with pristine wetlands and uplands hosting a wild variety of fauna and flora.


Auburn Township • 50 Acres

Ed and Amber Zygmunt say there is an important lesson to be learned from their experiences creating farmland and backyard habitat that is friendly to wildlife and the environment. “Without the technical and financial assistance that was available to us, our conservation story would not be possible,” Ed Zygmunt said.


Silver Lake Twp. • 116 Acres

A very healthy hemlock palustrine forest shades the vernal pools and spring seeps and protects Snake Creek, whose cold waters drain into the Susquehanna River, the largest single source of fresh water for the Chesapeake Bay.


Lenox Twp. • 84 Acres

The property’s approximately 27 acres of meadows and fields provide the natural ecological requirements and breeding habitat for many nationally declining grassland-dependant bird species such as eastern meadowlark, savannah sparrow, field sparrow, bobolink, horned lark, American kestrel, northern harrier and Wilson’s snipe.

The Tewksbury Wildlife & Butterfly Sanctuary

Brooklyn Township • 40 Acres

This property has been in the Tewksbury family for over one hundred years, having been purchased by Ross and Genevieve (Mackey) Tewksbury in 1908. Prior to 1908, Harman Canfield Fairchild owned this property and built the farm house in 1866. Herman Leroy Fairchild, Harman’s son and a boy at that time, went on to become a well-known geology professor at the University of Rochester, having gotten his start examining the Devonian sandstones on the property.

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