Planned Giving

Planned Giving

What is Planned Giving?
Simply put, Planned Giving strategies represent a way for a donor to leave money or assets to a nonprofit at his/her death; or a way for the donor to invest money now so that they can receive an income stream now from those investments and then bequeath the remainder of these assets to a nonprofit at his/her death.

Some Planned Giving Methods
Bequest – A gift to charity at death. It is the simplest type of planned gift to make and implement.
Gift Annuity – An agreement where a donor makes a gift of cash or property and the charity agrees to make fixed payments to the donor for life.
Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) – The CRT receives cash or property from a donor then makes lifetime or a term of years payments to the donor and then distributes the remainder to the charity.
Charitable Lead Trust (CLT) – The CLT receives cash or property from a donor and makes payments to charity for a specific period. At the end of the period, it distributes the trust property to a specified beneficiary, usually family.
Life Estate Reserved – The Charity accepts a gift of property – either a personal residence or farm – and the donor retains the right to use the property for her or his lifetime.
Pooled Income Fund – The charity receives a gift of cash or stock, invests it with similar gifts from other donors and then distributes a proportionate share of earnings to the donor.
Bargain Sale – The charity purchases property for less than the fair market value or accepts a gift of mortgaged property.

Benefits of Planned Giving

Please contact us to discuss your Planned Giving needs in detail. You can review additional Planned Giving information and benefits by clicking on these links:

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Planned Giving Information 2012.pdf

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