Luzerne County

The work of the North Branch Land Trust (NBLT) focuses on the watersheds and other lands that frame the North Branch of the Susquehanna River, hence our name. Since 1995, there have been 53 properties which landowners have donated development rights or where the Land Trust maintains ownership.

Bear Creek Camp

Bear Creek Township • 1880 Acres

Bear Creek Camp is a high conservation priority parcel of land as determined by the Pocono Conservation Landscape Initiative and fills an incredible gap in our goal to link conserved or portected landscapes. The conservation easement allows for limited public access.


Union Township • 34 Acres

The property is a mixture of deciduous forest, orchard, conifer plantation, scenic stone walls, stream, wetlands, and spring seeps.


Fairview Township • 298 Acres

This protected property occurs within the highly developed Mountain Top area of Luzerne County and acts as a valuable wildlife refuge and corridor.


Salem Township • 42 Acres

Located at the headwaters of an unnamed tributary of the Susquehanna River, the landowner grew up on the property and watched as the large farm was divided and developed. With the help of the Land Trust, the Hosler family created an easement on this land to protect it from further development.


Nescopeck Township • 80 Acres

On its rolling hills and fields, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has created ponds and marshes for waterfowl.

New Pocono Trust

Bear Creek Township • 3,015 Acres

New Pocono Trust’s conservation easement on nearly five square miles (3,015 acres) is the largest conservation project to date for North Branch Land Trust. The property is bigger than the city of wilkes-Barre.

Plymouth Mountain

Plymouth Township • 142 Acres

The property exhibits steeply forested slopes of mixed hardwoods and it is adjacent to thousands of acres of Pennsylvania State Forest lands. Scenic viewsheds are offered to the public as they travel along Route 11.

The Warrior’s Path

Union Township • 104 Acres

This conservation agreement not only protects wildlife but significant archeological areas that contain Native American Indian artifacts and the Warriors Path, a PHMC Historical Marker, which commemorates a travel passageway used by Indians and early settlers.

American Legion Post 781

Wright Township • 254.5 Acres

American Legion Post 781 property located in Mountain Top PA. A beautiful piece of land with abundant wildlife, mountain stream, and precious wetland habitat.

Grape Rock Farm

Dorrance Township • 56.1 Acres

Areas of highest conservation value on the property include the emergent shrub/sedge wetland, vernal pools and the man-made pond, especially the vegetative buffers surrounding these wetland ecosystems.

The Sedor Property

Newport Township • 46 Acres

A forested parcel with mixed woodlands, wetlands, streams, vernal pools, and shrubby pond edge habitat

Keohane (East)

Black Creek Twp. • 81.8 Acres

The property’s unbroken forest provides habitat and wildlife corridors for eastern coyotes, black bear, whitetail deer and many other mammals, and nesting habitat for birds such as ovenbirds, pileated woodpeckers and red-eyed vireos.

Keohane (West)

Black Creek Twp. • 69.6 Acres

Short-tailed shrews and porcupines share these woods with Blackburnian, pine, and black-throated green warblers, yellow-billed cuckoos and veery, and the eastern box turtle: a reptile Species of Special Concern.

Liberty Baricin Preserve

Fairview Twp. • 25.4 Acres

The riparian forest and hemlock palustrine forest host spectacular densities of native wildflowers such as mayapple, gaywings, dwarf ginseng, wood lily, and common blue violet, as well as Luzerne County’s largest known population of the uncommon large purple-fringed orchid.


Ross Twp. • 25.2 Acres

The 25-acre Alexander property in Lake Township, Luzerne County consists of a mixed northern hardwood forest, an Appalachian oak forest and a conifer forest. The conifer forest provides habitat for seed-eating mammal species such as thesouthern flying squirrel.


Bear Creek Village Borough • 230.3 Acres

The acidic heath forest supports an abundance of the plant called fly-poison and is home to the globally rare fly-poison borer moth that is also found on the neighboring Bear Creek Lake View property.


Lake Twp • 243.25 Acres

The Property is located in Lake Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. A headwater stream of Huntington Creek begins on the property. Huntington Creek is designated as a High Quality Cold Water Fishery (HQ-CWF) according to the PA Department of Environmental Protection’s Water Quality Standards.

Kipps Fen

Ross Twp • 45.4 Acres

This naturally diverse 45 acre property located in Ross Township, Luzerne County has an interesting agricultural past.

Huntington Mountain North

Union Twp. • 223.9 Acres

Huntington Mountain North provides an important connectivity parcel to already protected lands. The property borders the 3,016 acre State Game Land #260 and the conserved 104 acre Warrior’s Path. The property provide habitat for forest interior species like black bear, scarlet tanager, cerulean warbler, hood warbler, and wood thrush.


Dallas Township • 34.41 Acres

The Weintraub Conservation Area exhibits an Appalachian Oak Forest, a Mixed Hemlock-Deciduous Forest, and early successional forests. Collectively, the various natural communities found within the Conservation Area support wildlife diversity of “high quality” flora and fauna species.

Pennsy Supply - Dorrance

Dorrance Township • 100 Acres

As part of a mitigation project with Pennsy Supply Corporation, North Branch Land Trust permanently protected a 100-acre site located in Dorrance Twp. and a 300-acre site located in Newport Twp. The 100-acre site protects the Exceptional Value Brook Trout stream, Balliet Run. The Brook Trout is the Pennsylvania state fish and has seen its range shrink within the state due to habitat loss caused by acid rain deposits, poorly planned development and climate change.

Earth Conservancy - Alden Mountain Road

Newport Township • 300 Acres

As part of a mitigation project with Pennsy Supply Corporation, North Branch Land Trust permanently protected this 300-acre site located in Newport Twp. The site protects known habitat for the endangered Indiana Bat.

Grajewski Farm - Huntington Mills

Huntington Mills • 210 Acres

Grajewski Farm – Huntington Mills

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